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  • Charlene Sandy

    Charlene Sandy

  • Kris Vandenberk

    Kris Vandenberk

    Seed and early-stage VC | interests: #SaaS #AI #IoT #FinTech #blockchain #deeptech | Views are my own

  • Karl Saynor

    Karl Saynor

    CPO & User Experience Director · Husband · Daddy ;)

  • Evan Connelly

    Evan Connelly

  • Kevin Dykes

    Kevin Dykes

    Co-founder @ Port.dev, career B2B software entrepreneur, passionate about my daughters, #Techbikers & making great food — product leader, Austinite in Berlin

  • Vasile Foca

    Vasile Foca

    Father, Entrepreneur, Investor

  • Altaaf Aboo

    Altaaf Aboo

    Get more business growth insights that I’ve learnt by founding, investing-in & working with everything from start-ups to listed corporates — bit.ly/38dfyLD

  • James Parton

    James Parton

    Developer Relations Advisory & Technical Community Builder, Author, Podcaster. Now: @bradfieldcentre @DevRelBook @triplechasm Previously @twilio @o2 @telefonica

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